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V.A Rainbow Circle

V.A Rainbow Circle

  01.Inzect - Reverbs
  02.Odr - Pan Conductor
  03.BubbleGuns - Freak Machine
  04.Scaltinof & Orochi - Inner Sanctuary
  05.Looney - Gabunga V2
  06.Nolm - The Green Sea (Sonic Rmx)
  07.Scope - Pandemonium
  08.Quip Tone Beatz - Graythm
  09.AnnoyingNinjas - Jollywood
  10.Nge Duo - The Soundtrack Of Relief
  Compiled by Mental Sauce
  Mastred by Monno@Bimmelim - Soundlabs
  Artwork by Elena Simulynaite
  Layer Design by Chibi Yuri
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Saiko Sounds
V.A Topsy Turvy

V.A Topsy Turvy

  01.Fumi - Ainu Dance
  02.Jangaramongara - Crazy Cygnus
  03.Hentai Camera Man - Ketama Jack
  04.Whrikk - Sleazy Analog
  05.Quip Tone Beatz - Remind
  Compiled by Mental Sauce
  Mastered by Monno@Bimmelim-Soundlabs
  Artworks by Cle cosinus
  Logo design by Elena Simulynaite with lithuanian letters
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V.A Flying Sauce

V.A Flying Sauce

  01.Quip Tone Beatz - Catty Beats
  02.Nolm - Deer Beer
  03.Jangaramongara - Nr59
  04.Funky Glamour - Haochii China
  05.Quip Tone Beatz - A Clock Works Alice
  06.Nolm - Strophariad
  07.Xiong - Void
  08.Storge - Ikiru
  09.M.E.E.O. - Wilder Beast
  Compiled by Mental Sauce
  Mastred by Mental Sauce
  Artwork by Yukimi
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V.A Mental Sauce

V.A Mental Sauce

  01.Amorphous- Gumnia
  02.Digitalian - Acoustic@Paranoid
  03.qwWw7wWwp - The WingS Of The WaveS
  04.MakadaM - DorothyLs Night Out
  05.Nolm - Scan do
  06.Humanoid Interface - Cakra
  07.Nolm - 999
  08.Storge - White Fairy and The Red Goblinz
  09.Chibirock - Dorfe
  Compiled by Mental Sauce
  Mastred by Hiroki Fuse
  Artwork by mu.
Download the full pack under the link.